Every author starts by juggling many things in their life, including family and jobs, resulting in little time for writing. This leaves one feeling stretched thin—almost like a ghost. We are revenants, returning from our daily demands to continue the work we love in storytelling.


In my day job I help coordinate teams of software developers, and this has led me to wonder—can we create books using similar collaborative techniques?

I am exploring the idea of a creator's studio designed on principles used in film, game, media, and creative software developement, using collaborative processes (such as Pixar's Braintrust).

For writers, this is not simply writing with a partner, it's about designing amazing stories, and creating something better than the sum of each individual contributor, and doing it in a studio where each contributor maintains a stake in their creative output.

Learn more about these goals in the Revenant Creative Studio Writer's Welcome Deck.

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Originally created as Revenant Games in 2009, we became Revenant Creative Studio in 2019.


  • Brandon Gillespie — Author
  • Colin Murcray — Author, Publicist, Director of Marketing and Sales
  • Christina Crosland — Editor (and the entire team at Everediting)
  • Derrick Boudwin — Audio Producer/Voice Actor
  • Many amazingly helpful alpha and beta readers!


Brandon Gillespie

Brandon is a video game pioneer, technology architect (with a blog at Surfing the Cloud), and serial entrepreneur, helping build many different startups and companies. Foremost, however, he loves sci-fi and fantasy and has developed many stories and settings. Watch this site for more to come!